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    Precision Machines

    InnaLabs? is a leading manufacturer of high-performance inertial sensors, including tactical grade, Coriolis vibratory gyroscopes, and navigation grade, quartz servo accelerometers. InnaLabs? offer solutions for the aerospace, subsea, marine, space, energy, industrial, civil engineering, and transportation markets.

    InnaLabs is headquartered… Continue reading

    Qianhao Optics Co., Ltd has been manufacturing a variety of optical components on various kinds of optical instruments for 15 years. Our factory owns 5 workshops and has business relations in both international and domestic market and gains good reputation… Continue reading

    Jiujiang Hantang Optoelectronic Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company integrating R&D, design and manufacture of conductive slip rings and slip ring components. At present, it mainly has research in three fields of precision machinery manufacturing, electrical… Continue reading

    A Leading Manufacturer?of Optical?Polymer Lens and Tooling.

    Harmony Tech specializes in developing and manufacturing high precision polymer lens and tooling, which widely used in cellphone and automobile camera module, OFC optical module, collimating , sensor,… Continue reading

    Sanying Motioncontrol Instruments Ltd.?is a professional manufacturer. We?specializes in the development of precision motion control technology and relative products, we dedicated to scientific research, innovation, research and development and manufacture of high-end instruments and equipment to… Continue reading

    Thin Film Devices, Ltd

    Over the past?30 years, TFD has developed and perfected numerous coatings for displays,?microelectronics, MEMS and photovoltaic applications. These coating materials and technologies have helped?to make many newer difficult to achieve… Continue reading


    Materion (NYSE: MTRN) is one of the world’s premier advanced materials solutions providers. At Materion, we are committed to?developing, manufacturing and marketing highly engineered advanced materials for global customers across a wide range of?markets, including… Continue reading

    Beijing Jike Instrument

    Beijing Jike Instrument Co.,Ltd is a company dedicated to manufacture development and sale of motorized translation stages,spectroscopic instruments,optical positioning systems,optical benches and relative products.These products are widely used in industries related to optics, laser, optical fiber, photoelectron,… Continue reading