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    THATSHIGH Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in?November 2004, by several passionate young people who are?characteristic of oversea research and management experience.


    From?its establishment, THATSHIGH has been sticking to its original?orientation… Continue reading

    Qianhao Optics Co., Ltd has been manufacturing a variety of optical components on various kinds of optical instruments for 15 years. Our factory owns 5 workshops and has business relations in both international and domestic market and gains good reputation… Continue reading

    The founders of ARD-OPTICS, established in Armenia in 2007 are specialists in optical production sphere of three countries: Armenia, Russia and Germany.


    Ruben Babasyan (the director of the company)
    “Opto-Technological Laboratory” JSC
    Impex HighTech GmbH


    Currently, the shareholders… Continue reading

    Meller Optics, Inc. manufactures sapphire optical components for defense, medical, laser, and industrial markets.


    The company engages in grinding and polishing of crystalline materials, such as sapphire and ruby for the jewelry industry and the U.S. government;


    and… Continue reading

    Baoding Jingze Optical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.?is specialized in sales and processing of infrared optical materials.?Mainly engaged in manufacturing and processing all kinds of germanium single crystal wafer, ZnS, ZnSe, germanium, silicon etc.. It?… Continue reading












    Shanghai HXF-LaiYi precision optics Co.,Ltd. is a leader of precision optics original manufacturer. Engaged in the worldwide photonics industry so many years, we are proud to bring our customers the values as:perfect quality control and impeccable customer service,competitive pricing. Our… Continue reading

    Chengdu JUKA Optical Component?Co.,ltd is an enterprise engaged in producing the precise optical lenses and optical instruments. The company is located in the reputed optical process center of the world, Chengdu, China. Its former is the Process Department… Continue reading

    Daheng Optics, based in Beijing, China, is a technical company specialized in optics. Its main business includes design and manufacture of optical components, modules, sub-systems assemblies and systems. Wealthy experiences in engineering and production, and service flexibility have been meeting… Continue reading



    LAYERTEC, established in 1990 as a spin off from the?Friedrich-Schiller-Universit?t?Jena, produces high quality optical components for laser?applications?in the wavelength range from the VUV?(157?nm) to the NIR (~4… Continue reading

    Beijing QM Technology, which specializes in the hermetically package products, especially for the Glass-Metal-Sealling for many years. Our main products are as follow:

    1.Metallic coating on: Sapphire, ZnSe, Ge, BK7, Quarz (free sample)
    2.Optical coating (Band pass IR filter)
    3.Glass… Continue reading


    Knight Optical

    About us

    Established almost 30 years, Knight Optical has become recognised as a trusted name in quality precision optical component design, consultancy and manufacturing. Now a global leader in optical solutions, with offices in the United Kingdom and… Continue reading

    Beijing Glass

    Founded in 1960, Beijing Glass Research Institute (BGRI)

    is a state owned institute pioneered in optical materials.

    Over 48 years, BGRI has been growing accompanied by contributing

    to domestic and international projects in diverse areas of science and… Continue reading

    Yunnan KIRO-CH photonics co. ltd. was established in 2011 which is engaged in the research and development , manufacture as well as selling of optical products based on its germanium material , optical manufacture and system integration advantages with the… Continue reading

    Chongqing Shuzhou technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the precision design and manufacture of super-hard materials, such as synthetic sapphire & ruby (A12O3). Our company has been committed, based on the concept of “developing by the market, marketing by the quality… Continue reading

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    The Daheng optical film center, directly under the Department of listed group companies Daheng Technology (stock code: ?600288) ?Division. The Daheng OTF?has been established since 1999, has been committed to the optical components and… Continue reading