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    United Optical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (GU-Optics) is committed to providing users with optical components, industrial imaging lenses, and imported photoelectric detection equipment.?Our products cover the optical field, including optical components, machinery, optical inspection services, coating, etc., and… Continue reading

    THATSHIGH Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in?November 2004, by several passionate young people who are?characteristic of oversea research and management experience.


    From?its establishment, THATSHIGH has been sticking to its original?orientation… Continue reading

    Daheng Optics, based in Beijing, China, is a technical company specialized in optics. Its main business includes design and manufacture of optical components, modules, sub-systems assemblies and systems. Wealthy experiences in engineering and production, and service flexibility have been meeting… Continue reading



    LAYERTEC, established in 1990 as a spin off from the?Friedrich-Schiller-Universit?t?Jena, produces high quality optical components for laser?applications?in the wavelength range from the VUV?(157?nm) to the NIR (~4… Continue reading

    Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a leading technology?manufacturer in optical band pass filters and beam splitter cubes in China. Mega-9 has excellent fabricating facilities, including advanced coaters, ultrasonic cleaning line, high accuracy spectrophotometers, and… Continue reading

    Beijing Glass

    Founded in 1960, Beijing Glass Research Institute (BGRI)

    is a state owned institute pioneered in optical materials.

    Over 48 years, BGRI has been growing accompanied by contributing

    to domestic and international projects in diverse areas of science and… Continue reading



    CDGM is a leading professional optoelectronic materials supplier in China and has a certain influence in the world. The products are widely used in the fields of photoelectric

    information, aerospace and new energy. The annual output and annual… Continue reading

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    The Daheng optical film center, directly under the Department of listed group companies Daheng Technology (stock code: ?600288) ?Division. The Daheng OTF?has been established since 1999, has been committed to the optical components and… Continue reading