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    Molded Lenses

    United Optical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (GU-Optics) is committed to providing users with optical components, industrial imaging lenses, and imported photoelectric detection equipment.?Our products cover the optical field, including optical components, machinery, optical inspection services, coating, etc., and… Continue reading

    Nalux Co., Ltd. engages in the design and production of plastic and glass optics parts and modules.

    The company offers microlens arrays that are used in optical communications, displays, head up displays, astronomical telescopes, and other optical systems;

    aspherical lenses,… Continue reading

    Luoyang Silicon Electronics co.,ltd is a company for silicon and germanium products.
    Our expeterise includes:
    * NO.1 Crystal Silicon Growth
    * NO.2 CNC machining
    * NO.3 Polishing

    As a kind of nonmetallic element, Silicon is broadly used in semiconductor and… Continue reading

    AZURE?Photonics Co., Ltd,?established in 2000, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified leading professional designer and manufacturer. We are headquartered in Fuzhou, China.

    AZURE?owns strong production capability in our modern workshops. At present, we employ over… Continue reading



    LAYERTEC, established in 1990 as a spin off from the?Friedrich-Schiller-Universit?t?Jena, produces high quality optical components for laser?applications?in the wavelength range from the VUV?(157?nm) to the NIR (~4… Continue reading

    Greenlight Optics is an optical systems engineering and manufacturing company specializing in projection displays, LED and laser illumination, imaging systems, plastic optics, and the integration of optics with electrical and mechanical systems.

    The Greenlight Optics team brings a combined 250… Continue reading