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    Micro Cameras

    About InfiRay?

    IRay Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raytron Technology Co., Ltd. (SSE: 688002). As a high-tech enterprise, IRay Technology develops and manufactures infrared FPA detectors, thermal imaging modules, and other products, with completely independent intellectual… Continue reading

    AOS Technologies AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high speed cameras, high speed streaming systems, fast industrial vision systems?offering turn key installations for its broad customer base. AOS products are used by leading companies in their industrial… Continue reading

    CAMERAY is a R&D-oriented manufacture and provider for advanced security and surveillance system products in China.
    Carrying out the modernized enterprise management system, running ERP, CRM, and OAS. Construct with advanced technology, refined product design, efficient manufacturing process, strict quality… Continue reading

    Guangzhou Keii Electro Optics Technology Co., Ltd


    Main business


    Keii focus on the development of infrared thermal imaging technology
    consisting mainly of various ultra-light, micro, high-speed, high-performance,
    intelligent photoelectric imaging components and related products.
    In the thermal imaging… Continue reading

    CatchBEST Vision Technology (BeiJing) Co., Ltd(call “CatchBEST” for short) is a leading company in domestic Machine Vision field. “CatchBEST” is committed to research and develop professional CMOS and CCD digital industrial cameras. The products serve in machine vision inspection, industrial… Continue reading

    Fuzhou Tucsen Photonics Co.,Ltd. (Abbreviated Tucsen)

    Tucsen develops ?individual camera solutions for its partners’ specific projects and offers the entire range of services, from the imaging concept to planning, camera design and production. Building from Tucsen’s extensive technology platform… Continue reading

    Shandong Sheenrun Optics Electronics Co., Ltd


    China Sheenrun Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd, which was founded in 2004, is a leading night vision equipment and rugged information equipment supplier, as well as a relying construction company of Shandong Province… Continue reading

    IRay technology Co.,ltd.(IRay), is a leading supplier of high-end Infrared Detectors and thermal image modules in China. Backed by more than 6 years of accumulated experience in development and manufacturing, IRay’s products have been chosen by leading companies in China,… Continue reading


    1300 square meters of clean rooms dedicated to wafer fab, chip packaging, and device testing.


    SWIR and Visible-SWIR linear arrays, focal plane arrays, and cameras


    Custom ROIC and epitaxy integration, new imaging… Continue reading

    The mission of New Infrared Technologies is to put in the market affordable IR detectors with the aim to facilitate the development of all kinds of new applications based on IR detection which were not possible until today.


    Our… Continue reading

    HySpex-Norsk Elektro Optikk AS (NEO) was established in 1985 as a privately owned research company within the field of electro optics. The founders had their scientific and technical background from the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, which for the last 30-40… Continue reading

    ISVI Corp. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced high-speed, high-resolution
    camera technology combining the latest high-bandwidth interface technologies with the newest
    sensors available. Focusing exclusively on these camera attributes allows us to achieve an unparalleled
    combination… Continue reading


    Founded in 2010, Pomeas aim at providing optical parts and solution for industrial inspection and machine vision. Pomeas is a high technology company, and offer one stop service from RD, production, assembly application, marketing and sales. Now Pomeas has… Continue reading

    - Customer-specific development of CCD and CMOS cameras for diverse industries since 1985

    – Continual organic growth

    – Owner-managed

    – Concentration on project business with application-specific camera series

    – International business with industry focus

    – 120 employees (2014)

    – approx.… Continue reading